North Sewickly Township, Pennsylvania, USA by Matthew Mann

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Staying up until the morning sunrise is not uncommon for my schedule as I work an off shift and generally sleep while everyone is leaving for their first shift duties. This early morning was no different, though I was busy culling and editing photos from a previous day of wildlife shooting. I settled in for a long morning of Lightroom and Netflix with caffeine in hand.

While doing this I lost track of time and had not realized it was 6:40am. While putting down my Wacom stylus and rubbing my eyes I had noticed a bright orange and red light cast through my office window illuminating the room. My first thoughts, could it be a backyard fire? Or perhaps emergency vehicles along the main road? Although I didn’t hear any sirens from our Fire Station or smell any relaxing odors of a winter campfire.

Upon a closer look out the window I witnessed one of the most pleasant sunrises I have ever seen anywhere. I quickly grabbed my camera and swapped out my Sigma 150-600mm C lens for a Tamron 24-70 G2. I wanted to concentrate on the skies color giving the trees a silhouetted appearance. To accomplish this I used center-weight light metering and kept the focal length at 50mm on the lens barrel for framing purposes. A moment of shutter adjustment for the extremely bright sky and dark contrasting trees I was able to get the shot I was after. A morning sunrise in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA never looked so beautiful.

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