Neil Tapman • Chasing Cerro Torre

Have you ever had that ‘unfinished business’ feeling with a location or a particular spot? Of course you have, this is the life of a landscape photographer after all. Here is Neil Tapman with his unfinished story

Every once in a while we travel to a location and feel a strong and powerful connection to it. I had this instantly when I arrived in Patagonia in Argentina two years ago and, in fact, I will be returning there for a third time next year. Unfortunately, most of us only have a few days to a week to enjoy a location and ‘get the shot’, unless you happen to live nearby!

Patagonia is a feeling I can’t describe. To be at the very end of the world standing in front of some of the most beautiful mountains on the planet – one of those being Cerro Torre – well, words do not exist to describe the feeling. This is where photography comes in!

Rewind to my first trip to Patagonia in April 2018. We were lucky enough to see both Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre. I took plenty of pictures of Fitz Roy and as we hiked towards Cerro Torre, where we would camp for the night, we could see it clearly in the distance. At the campsite we set up our tent, made dinner and relaxed a bit from the day’s long hike. In a very short time Cerro Torre had ...

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