Murchison Gap Lookout, Strath Creek, Victoria, Australia by Chris Maxwell

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This Image is from one of my most frequented locations. Murchison Gap lookout is about a 1 hour drive from my home in Melbourne and it is definitely an early rise sunrise location. Care needs to be taken when driving here as most Australian Marsupials are nocturnal and can step out in front of your car and do some serious damage. I have shot here many times but it took me a while to really appreciate the layers with a telephoto lens.

Whether it's foggy or a sunny day, the sunrise really lights up the layered hills in amazing ways. This area has been nicknamed "the Valley of a thousand hills" for good reason. I love being there in the peaceful early mornings with no-one around and I love coming home to edit the photos to really examine all the layers and the different ways the light has hit them and the many shadows cast from the trees, hills, and sometimes cows. I have shot this area at sunset also, it doesn't face west but it can certainly bring out different moods then as well.

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