Murchison Gap Lookout, Strath Creek, Victoria, Australia by Chris Maxwell

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I have visited this area just north of Melbourne, Australia regularly over the past few years, always enjoying a sunrise there and particularly in winter. The colour of the grass changes drastically between winter and summer and when the rolling hills are green it is a much prettier place to be. At first I was always trying to capture the entire view I could see from the ridge and get the entire landscape as the sun rose, but one day when the fog was particularly thick, I arrived to find I was completely fogged in, unable to see anything after an early 1 hour drive. As the sun rose and the morning progressed I began to see a break in the fog to the north.

I decided to use my long lens to zoom in on interesting areas of the hills where the light was hitting, creating shadows and lighting up the fog. This can also be done for some time after the sun has well risen above the horizon. Once the sun's warmth starts to break up the fog, there is an abundance of stunning views of hills, trees, shadows, silhouettes and rays. Now during the summer months I can't wait for the Autumn and Winter fog to return so I can continue to study the different ways the morning can change what my lens and eyes see.

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