Mt Hood Sunset, Oregon, USA by Joe Keller

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After a long day of snowboarding, I decided to part ways with my friends for a bit so I could go higher up the mountain and get a photo of the sunset. After riding two lifts up and not really getting high enough to get above the clouds, I decided to hike. I trudged up the snow for an eternity, and as the light started to get good I looked around and realized - there was nothing around me to serve as my subject! Frantic, I booked it. At last I arrived to this nice patch of trees, windswept with ice.

I laughed as I retrieved my camera. The colors were just so good! I fired away for a straight ten minutes, concerned about my choice not to get my tripod out. Would I be able to take sharp handheld photos while I was breathing this hard? Am I getting the right comp with those cloud formations on the right? Did my friends think I died? None of these mattered later, but in the moment I really thought I was ruining this amazing opportunity. At last the light began to recede. Completely exhausted from the hike up, I slung on my pack, snapped in my boots, and glided down the mountain straight into these stunning clouds.

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