Mt Hood Reflections, Trillium Lake, Oregon, USA by Kathy Weissgerber

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This was our 1st time camping here at Trillium Lake. Its in Oregon near Mt Hood. This is a smaller lake and Ive seen reflections quite often and today was no exception. Our camp site was really nice, private, paved and mostly level. A little trail access to the lake led right to it. It was morning when I took off with the dogs for a walk. Fisherman and kayaks were out already. I would stop ever once in a while and take a picture, cause thats what we photographers do. At the other end of the lake the reflections were better. The misty gray clouds hung low against the forest. The dogs and I continued around the lake and came across a board walk that was closed off. It was in disrepair, but still negotiable. We carefully made our way across the rotted boards and made it through. I think it was 2 miles around the whole lake, so not too far. The weather was really pretty good in September. We had some nice sunny warm days. The last night brought on a little thunder and lightening action and drizzle the next day. That wasnt enough to keep us inside. More trail hiking along a different trail brought us to an old abandon truck that had been stripped. I wish I had my camera along for that, but sometimes you just have to be in the moment instead. My grandson Weston that had been fishing caught a beautiful trout and a squiggly salamander. Everybody had a good laugh over that.

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