Emerald Lake, BC, Canada by Michael Blanchette

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Picture Story

Emerald Lake is the largest lake in Yoho National Park, British Columbia. The lake is surrounded by mountains of the President Range as well as Mount Burgess, which is the dominant mountain in the background here. The building is a free-standing restaurant that is part of the Emerald Lake Lodge. The building is nicely lit in the evening hours, with a warm glow emanating from the cozy structure.

I was a beautiful evening in January when I took this photo. I was participating in a Tom Mackie winter workshop at the time, traveling through the beautiful Canadian Rockies at the peak of winter. Conditions were ideal, with fresh snow clinging to the trees as dusk settled upon the scene. I set up my tripod and camera along the still pond containing hots springs after sunset in hopes of catching a reflection. But there were two problems threatening to interfere with my plan. The first were the ducks. For much of the evening, there was a flock of ducks frolicking in the water, ruining any hope of a mirror reflection. The second problem was the wind. There was breeze blurring the water for much of the evening, further compounding the duck problem. Luckily, both problems went away during the “blue hour”, with the ducks vacating the pond and the wind going still. This was one of the last photos before it got too dark.

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