Mount Rainier, Washington State, USA by Lynn Hopwood

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This photo was taken in the middle of September on an early fall morning. I left my home in southeastern Washington state around 3:30 am and headed to Mount Rainier National Park in Washington, hoping for a great sunrise photograph. There had been quite a bit or rain and clouds in the previous days at the park leading up to my departure, so I was pretty excited about the weather forecast for partly cloudy weather. As I arrived at the park I noticed a lot of fog and clouds. As I ascended the mountain via my car I noticed the higher I went the more fog there was. Regardless, I headed to Paradise Visitor Center at an elevation of 5400 feet where it was totally fogged in. I then decided I'd better head for lower ground so I drove down the mountain looking for sunlight and less fog. Reflection Lakes was also fogged it but it looked a little more promising than Paradise. I drove further down the mountain until I saw the fog lift and the mountain open up and took my first photo which this is not that photo. I turned around and headed back up to Paradise and figured the fog would be lifting soon. I decided to hike the Skyline Trail and head towards Myrtle Falls. The fog was lifting so fast I hoped I wasn't too late to get a photo with some fog in it. This is the photo I took as the last of the fog was leaving the mountain revealing some fall colors.

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