Mount Assiniboine, British Columbia, Canada by Uday Emani

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This picture is from a group camping trip to Assiniboine provincial park in British Columbia, Canada. Mount Assiniboine is often called the Matterhorn of the Canadian rockies due to it similarity to the famous swiss mountain. The previous night, it poured buckets and I was doubtful if there was going to be a sunrise. I took a chance anyway and walked down to lake Maygog at dawn. I was treated to a most glorious sunrise and calm reflections in the lake. The appearance of the mountain being on fire was from the coming together of icy temperatures and humidity from the previous evening’s rain. Sometimes, when conditions seem unfavourable, it is tempting to stay tucked in a warm sleeping bag rather than brave the chill air outside. I was glad that I took a chance and went down to the lake. It’s a lesson that one has to be in it to win it.

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