Moonrise Over Penobscot Bay, Maine, USA by Tom Kostes

I was visiting Mid Coast Maine this warm July evening. I knew a full moon was going to rise on this very clear night without a cloud in the sky. I wanted to include the somewhat scraggly pine trees, one of which had a birdhouse, to give a human element to the scene. The distant island helped to add depth and scale to the image. The camera saw the light as "blue hour," which created the lovely blue atmosphere to the scene which only accented the orange of the moon.

Since I had done my research, and knew what I wanted to achieve, it was not too difficult to capture the image. I just needed to be at the right place, at the right time, set up my camera, and tripod, and hope for clear skies, as forecast. It all went according to plan, and I was able to capture what I had hoped for, a simple, yet powerful image that conveys all the necessary information to share the experience of a magical scene in a magical place.

All of Maine is an incredible opportunity for photographers and artists, the coast cannot be surpassed.

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