Moonlit tree, White Cliffs of the Missouri, Montana, USA by Roland Taylor

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This picture was taken during a recent trip down the Wild and Scenic White Cliffs of the Missouri in Montana. Iv'e always found that the best time to go is in September, the week after labor Day. The reason to go at that time is that it is usually dry (the Clay in this area is horribly sticky), the 90-100 degree temperatures are done so the nights are cool but the days are warm, the mosquitoes and black flies are gone, and so are most of the tourists. This was our very first camp of the trip. So we settled in and mad camp and had our dinners.

As we all sat around the campfire, I noticed the full moon rising and also the scraggly tree near our camp. As everyone told stories or played music around the fire, I excused myself and got my tripod and camera ready. As I heard the music and the sound of howling coyotes near by, I found the angle I wanted and waited until the moon was just in the right place. I shot several pictures as the moon rose. But this is the one that nestled into the crook of the branch.

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