Monticello, Maine, USA by Christopher Mills

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Picture Story

Saturday night was just a beautiful night to be out under the stars. With a small Northern Light display going on to the North and the Milky Way to the South West and no moon, it made it a perfect night for star gazing. After playing around with the Northern Lights I made my way back to the top of the hill in Monticello where this patch of sunflowers are.

Now what caught my eye is that these are being lit by yard lights from three sides which I thought would be interesting. I started out by the road but the lights where too bright. So I carefully picked my way deeper into the field until I found this sunflower a little taller catching some side light and in the camera with a longer shutter speed it looked like it was glowing. The rest of the field was faintly catching some of the yard lights without it being to harsh as the Milky Way started to set in the background. I played around with different exposures and a few angles until something started rustling off ahead of me in the dark.

I think I set a new record for the hundred yard dash back to the truck lol. I'm happy I got lucky with the shots I got because I wasn't going to try to find that flower again in the dark hahaha. I hope you all enjoy!

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