Molondin, Switzerland by Alexander Gellner

I took this picture back in November 2018, probably on the fifth consecutive weekend of dull grey light without any interest in the sky. I was starting to get frustrated by these conditions, weekends being the only time of the week that I can spend time photographing. On the other side they also motivated me to find compositions that would lend themselves or even need such lightlessness. I had spotted this line of trees already in the summer of last year. It is nicely positioned on a hill against a background of the Jura mountains in the Western part of Switzerland where I live. When – in normal conditions - the mountains are visible the scene is actually quite busy and the trees don’t really stand out very much unless they are blurred by using a wide aperture.
So the bleak conditions in November were quite helpful for the shot I had in mind. And the fact that the fields in the foreground had long been harvested and were nothing but dull prairie added to the bleakness and the minimalist nature of the scene. At the same time, I like that the mountains peep through just a little bit on the right side of the image.

One decision I had to make was whether to include any foreground in the image or not. I actually too another picture of the same scene that doesn’t have the path to the right in it, but I like the one including the path better. I think it nicely leads the eye to the trees, even though the viewer doesn’t really need much guidance in this very simple scene.

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