Michael Pilkington • For the love of Woodlands

Woodland photography can be very rewarding. As Michael Pilkington says, it is a subject that can be undertaken in all weather conditions, offering a continually changing environment through the seasons

As a landscape photographer I can sometimes feel that I have to travel far and wide to find attractive or awe-inspiring subject matter. To a large extent this is true, especially if you live in an area you deem not very interesting or engaging for your photography. I have travelled to many places in the world and have been rewarded with vistas that could hardly fail to result in a great image. The truly magical Yellow Mountains of China are simply breathtaking with beautifully shaped trees clinging to the mountainsides that seem to recede into a distance that never ends. The towering rock faces of the Yosemite Valley are majestic and imposing, not to mention the impressive sights from Tunnel View, where Ansel Adams created some of his most iconic photographs. Back in the lowlands of Kent, in the UK, where I live, finding inspiration can be somewhat challenging by comparison.

I have a love of woodlands. When I was very young, my aspiration was to become a forester. I would wander through woodlands and forests drinking in the smells and sights. I loved the peace and tranquillity that trees and woodlands seem to exude. All external ...

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Michael Pilkington

Michael Pilkington is a professional landscape photographer and co-founder of the Landscape Photography Workshop company aspect2i. He is principal lecturer of the Epson Print Academy and also teaches infrared and other aspects of landscape photography with aspect2i.

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