Malham, Yorkshire, England by Susan Leonard

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Picture Story

Not every day is a warm and sunny day and on the day I created this image it was definitely neither.

When we set off for North Yorkshire the day before this image was taken, the weather forecast told us to expect a lovely wintery day with sun and cloud. We knew where we were going, having planned the visit meticulously. The ‘Lone Tree’ was our goal. Actually there are a lot of ‘Lone Tree’s on the limestone pavements of North Yorkshire. We chose this one, because it’s a bit off the beaten track.

We got up early, full of enthusiasm for our day of photography; sun, limestone pavements and the ‘lone tree’. One look out from behind the curtains of our guest house and we could already see that reality most definitely did not meet expectation. It was a cold, windy, rainy winter's day, with wall to wall grey cloud. Hang on, this is not what the weather forecast said.

Oh well, we’d come this far, paid for overnight accommodation, so we were jolly well going to make the most of our day. Being a Yorkshire Lass I don’t like wasting money!

Oh boy was it grim. The cloud cover, the dripping trees, the rain - everywhere looked and felt miserable. None looked more miserable than the poor, bare, tree fighting the elements all alone in North Yorkshire.

I haven’t tried to make the image any more lively by enhancing colours because that’s not what this image is about. It’s about a determined lonely tree, clinging to life in the most inhospitable of landscapes, and overcoming a constantly battle with the limestone pavement for root space.

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