Llanddwyn Island, Wales by Neil Tapman

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Picture Story

Its funny how sometimes one sets off to a location with a particular shot in mind, yet comes home with a completely different image than was originally intended!

On this morning, I had set off hoping for a sunrise at the iconic “Llanddwyn Lighthouse”. Upon my arrival the wind was incredibly intense. I remember walking to the island (You can only enter during low tide!) and along the trail to the lighthouse and getting battered by the strong gales. It was an experience in itself! I was instantly mesmerized by the seas around me. Massive waves were crashing all around the island. Forget the lighthouse I thought to myself!! It was essential to find somewhere protected from the wind, as it would have been impossible to keep my tripod stable enough in these conditions. I ducked down next to a cliff, almost like a little cove, on the shore, which shielded me just enough from the winds. I quickly reached for my 70-200mm lens, as I wanted to dial in and get closer to the action.

I sat there for a very long time just snapping away trying to catch the best wave crashes on this particular rock. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something so satisfying and fulfilling watching and shooting waves. I suppose it’s just the awe of witnessing Mother Nature’s power!

All in all, even though I did not get the sunrise I was looking for, I still walked away happy and blown away by watching the fury and might of the sea. It always pays to go out and shoot, regardless of the weather!

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