Lizzie Shepherd • Mood vs Composition

The composition of a scene is key to the creation of the photographs you want. Lizzie Shepherd tells us how to get it right and avoid the pitfalls

There are many variables out of our control in photography. Depending on your viewpoint, you can see this as a frustration or as one of the joys of the craft – that we can never be quite sure what we are going to get. The one thing that is always within our control is composition. Of course, there are constraints within which we must work, but it is entirely up to us what we include within our frame, as well as what we exclude.

I was struck by a quote by Hans Strand a few years ago: “Photographers often talk about the importance of light in photography, but for me, composition is a far more important component. An image can live without good light, but not without a good composition.” I found it a refreshing antidote to the ‘it’s all about the light’ mantra. More and more, however, it has struck me that so much hinges on what we deem to be ‘good’ light, or what we consider to be a ‘good’ composition.

Although the saying ‘less is more’ can ring true when it comes to honing our compositional skills, I have found myself increasingly drawn to more complex images. I like to be made to ...

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Lizzie Shepherd

Lizzie is a full-time professional photographer based in North Yorkshire and specialising in landscape, nature and travel photography. She runs small group workshop and offers 1-2-1 tuition.

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