Limekiln Creek, Limekiln State Park, California, USA by Pierre Liard

I just received my 6-stop ND filter and wanted to try it in the field. My wife and I were vacationing near Big Sur. It was a hot summer day, so we decided to get some freshness. Limekiln State Park is situated on highway 1. It offers breathtaking views of the Big Sur coast. We just had started our hike when I saw this scene. I was immediately attracted by the play between the shadows and light. So I unpacked my tripod and my filter. Because I didn't know how to use my (magnetic) filter, it took me longer than I thought to be ready. My wife became impatient and decided to walk further into the trail. I had now my time to calculate my exposure and to avoid burning some very brightly lit spots. Every time I see this picture, I remind me of this hot afternoon, the freshness I felt when entering into the forest, and the beauty of the redwoods and the cultural history of limekilns.

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