Limber Pine, Idaho, USA by David Hunter

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Picture Story

In June of 2019 I spent two weeks at Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve in South Central Idaho. The park encompasses several thousand acres of dormant volcanoes and volcanic flow. I had been selected as the artist-in-residence. I spent the two weeks photographing many aspects of the park with my Nikon D810 and my Nikon D5600 which has been converted to shoot infrared only. In my travels around the park I frequently saw this lone limber pine on the top of a cinder cone in the center of the park. I had photographed it from a distance and different times during my stay. On my second to last day there I joined a group of tourists on a ranger led hike up the cinder cone which is a popular hike. As the group got to the top, I walked around looking for a good perspective over the park.

I started photographing the tree with my D10 as I saw some black and white compositions I wanted to try. I then noticed that the cloud cover would provide a nice background for the tree. The light was perfect for infrared photography because it would bring out the luminescence in the tree. I knew I needed a wide view to get everything balanced. I used my Rokinon 14mm even though it had some limited reach on the cropped sensor, but it was my best choice. After testing some different compositions, I settled on an angle and shot. The photographed turned out better than I imagined in infrared because of the way it picked up the ground cover and the overall balance in the photo.

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