Lake Powell, Arizona, USA by Fiona Ruck

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Picture Story

This photo was taken on the banks of the beautiful Lake Powell in Arizona, USA. Camping is permitted on the banks of the lake, so we stayed there overnight with our R/V. We had set out three months earlier with our R/V, canoe and ATV starting off in Texas and slowly travelling through sixteen States of the USA. In the back of the R/V lived our powered parachute, a two-seater machine that flew several hundred metres off the ground at a speed of approximately 50 miles per hour.

After settling ourselves in to this amazingly scenic spot we decided to take a flight with our powered parachute and explore the area. As we climbed higher we could see that Lake Powell was a lovely emerald green colour and the surrounding land a contrasting red. This is a very popular vacation spot for families and we could see many houseboats dotted here and there. Moving further inland the surrounding areas became very dry and barren. The lake is a man-made reservoir that stretches for almost 300km from northern Arizona up to southern Utah. In recent years there has been a chronic drought, believed to be partly due to climate change, and it is feared that Lake Powell could become a ‘dead pool’ becoming part of the dry, barren land that we were now flying over.

We could see the weather changing as heavy, brooding clouds loomed up ahead so we turned around and headed back. As we came in to land on the shore, the light from an opening in the dark, stormy sky glowed on the rock, giving a lovely reflection on the water. I quickly set my camera to capture this unforgettable moment before it disappeared. The perfect end to a lovely day!

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