Lake Minnewanka Sunrise, Banff NP, Canada by Mike Marshall

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The first morning after arriving in Banff on a two week holiday to the Rockies in August. Local to Banff we were taken by family members re-visiting the place and we were blown away by the scale and the pristine beauty, having arrived at 0130 am in total darkness. Wandered around trying to take things in then started to "click" into potential picture compositions and no one could get me back to the car!

Carried on shooting for three hours, until the jet lag from the UK bit into my concentration and we all headed back into town.
Multiple compositions around the lake, but this immediately drew me with the distant backdrop of the mountains and lovely leading lines towards the group of trees. Very low light from the left just clipping the top of the bank and the cluster of trees. Waded into the lake to get the position, refreshing once it came over my boots. A fabulous start to the holiday and ever since returning, I've been totally unsettled wanting to go back there. In total awe of the Rockies.

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