Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada by Chip Carroon

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Picture Story

I suppose everyone writing about their frost experience will be commenting on the cold conditions during the time of their photography. My time in this endeavor at Lake Louise, Alberta, was, perhaps, similar to others.

It was a cold spell for the Calgary area. Even for Calgary it was colder than normal, which meant my job was going to be more difficult. I had refreshed my memory of the surroundings at Lake Louise during the previous day. I was awake most of the night as I tried to stay warm enough to sleep. My vehicle started, amazingly, at about 4 AM even though it was about -25 degrees F. Putting on all the clothes I had was the first order of business. The basic problem was keeping my hands and feet warm. I was using chemical warmers, but there still was a problem since I occasionally had to take my hands out of my gloves. I had chemical warmers in a sock around the camera which helped a little with that issue. As for me, I went back and forth to the car to warm up.

The location near the outlet for the lake enabled the water to be liquid in some areas. The frost had developed during the night as the water wicked up from below to form small needles of ice. The problems of location were solved by trial and error. The remaining problem was just when to take the picture. I tried to start early and take a series of images during the time just before and after sunrise. This is the one that I liked.

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