Lake Kochelsee, Bavaria, Germany by Florian Warnecke

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In January 2017 temperatures dropped below -30° celsius which covered the whole landscape in thick frost. This was my chance to get out and photograph this special location in the best conditions possible. Just 25 minutes away from my house I set up my camera at lake Kochelsee and framed the image. Crying tears of joy in my inner most I couldn't believe that this was real. I have always dreamed about conditions like this, but never in my wildest dreams I would have thought to see this live. The lake was covered in fog, the peaks of the nearby mountains towered over the fog, the outlet was half frozen and the trees were covered in thick frost. It doesn't get any better than that. Nowadays this picture is impossible to take anymore, since a beaver brought down a tree on the right side of the outlet. I will never forget this magic morning with the sun shining in from the left side it perfectly lit up the whole scenery, and even the clear blue sky was ok in this instance.

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