Lake Champlain Sunset, Burlington, VT, USA by Jeff Charron

I’ve lived in Burlington, Vermont for over a decade now and seen countless sunsets, but never one like this. It had been a damp, dreary day until dusk, when something special took place. Like it was choreographed, clouds broke to clear skies and the haze that had been with us all day rolled up and pushed away across the lake, just as the sun was setting over Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains. I continue to be mesmerized by the sunsets in this place. Each a unique blend of water, sky, mountains, and color, never to be repeated again.

This shot was captured from Oakledge Park, where grassy fields meet the rocky lake shore. A retired, lopsided ship fueling station provides contrast and perspective to the scenery and weather in the distance. All of which are reflected across the horizon as if they were melting. When I arrived on scene, a man was beaching his solo canoe and dogs chased each other around the park. My partner and I admired the show as we ate dinner and I set up my Sony A7III on a table top tripod and captured the almost psychedelic colors mixing in front of us.

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