Lake Anterselva, Bolzano, Italy by Matteo Trolese

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During this summer, my girlfriend Silvia and I decided to take a trip in the Italian Alps. Since it was supposed to be a vacation to refresh our mind, I promised to not bring my tripod all over our daily excursions, as she usually get bored during sunset shooting sessions. Therefore, my only chance was to get up early, take advantage of the first lights, and then get back home in time to make breakfast and be ready for a long trek. So I did.

Instead of being focused on the iconic Dolomites, I wanted to shoot a scenario from the northern Alps, which are usually less commonly presented in the various social networks for photo sharing. The Dolomites are technically and geographically part of the Alps, but they are not referred to as the Alps by geologists, as their nature is completely different from that of the Alps. Indeed, the unique landforms of the Dolomites are due to the deformation and erosion of marine sediments forming such reliefs, whereas the rest of the Alps are made of magmatic and metamorphic rocks formed deep in the Earth’s crust like other mountain chains worldwide.

This photograph was taken shortly after a peaceful sunrise, from Lake Anterselva looking toward the Vedrette di Ries – Aurina Nature Park. For a couple of mornings, I attempted to get this simple scene, which was always covered by a thick fog. Thankfully my last vacation day I was lucky enough that the fog was moving fast, allowing me to see these beautiful reflections and catch the first light hitting the mountain peaks, which I hope you enjoy too.

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