La Jolla, California, USA by Michael Fairbanks

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When storms come into Southern California off the Pacific, they often leave colorful and interesting cloud patterns as they depart. This is when planning and anticipation pay off with spectacular seascape images. An evening 12 mile drive from home to La Jolla (who can afford to live there?) and a short walk to the shore, and I was presented a beautiful scene of crashing waves and scudding pink and orange clouds. The tripod was set up I hoped out of the range of the salty spray. This camera/lens setup had barely survived a saltwater drenching in the past and I was not anxious to test their seaworthiness again. A couple of microfiber cloths kept things manageable. A cable release and burst mode maximized the opportunity to catch an interesting wave form and the medium slow shutter speed showed off the dynamism of the scene. Cold wind and dampness were forgotten as the epic (cliché yes, but apt) sunset unfolded before me. I spent over 2 happy hours at this beach shooting up to an hour after the sun set. As is usual, I was the last one to leave but I believe I left with the best memories.

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