Kap Arkona Lighthouse, Ruegen Island, Germany by Martin Wasilewski

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Picture Story

When I visited Kap Arkona last autumn, I saw the sun rising next to the lighthouse. I had the idea to set the rising sun behind the tower. Using a app I tried to find the right spot on a map. It took me three attempts to get the sun right where it is in the photo. On the second day I went here I wasnt able to shoot it, because the sun came up later than I thought and went too far down south from my spot. I did not calculate that the lighthouse is standing on very high cliffs.

On the third day it was very stormy and I was not able to get a sharp photograph, even laying on the ground. On day four I was waiting on my spot and prepared to catch the scenery. After many test shots the sun went up next to the lighthouse. I still id not have the right position but for this case I planned to run up the field where i stood in advance. Just a few seconds to get the spot. It is really hard to imagine how fast the sun is moving when viewing through a tele lens. At the end I was able to fix my mistakes and had the shot on my SD. Another important challenge was to hold the tele lens only for a short moment into the suns direction, because it destroys the lens and the camera. I am sure I created something and thats always worth the effort.

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