Kannaraville Falls, Utah, USA By Derrick Snider

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Picture Story

The hike into this canyon was pretty beautiful and difficult. The first obstacle along the way was chipping ice off of a metal ladder with a rock out of the stream bed. Once we felt comfortable enough to ascend the first ladder in the canyon, we had to climb up a frozen waterfall, then navigate through numerous pools of ice cold runoff water, hike through 2-3 feet of snow much of the way, and chip our way through frozen sections of stream as well. At one point I fell into the stream and nearly turned back, but we finally made our way up to the second falls. At several points during the journey we noticed the red clumps on the ends of rock formations ( as seen in my image), and realized these were clumps of sand that had frozen onto the rocks into formations that resembled red moss. These sand formations were extremely fragile and we noticed that even the slightest touch would cause them to explode back into loose sand and float downstream. We stopped where I shot this image so as not to disturb the beautiful formations on the rock in the photo.

We wanted to leave them for the next adventurer to be dazzled by. As always, 'Leave No Trace' and 'Leave It Better Than You Found It'.

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