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As photography rises in popularity, everyone is having an impact on the natural world. Jennifer Renwick shares some advice that could guide us all in protecting the environment that inspired us to become photographers

Long before the camera was created, humans heeded to the call of nature by exploring its rugged wilderness and scenic vistas. It is the same call that speaks to us as we pack up our camera bags and tripods and head down the trail. We, too, seek those vistas and rugged, pristine scenes that people who came before us, photographers or not, wanted to experience, see with their own eyes and share with the world. Nature has inspired us through the centuries and, with the invention of the camera, it has allowed photographers to share those magical scenes with others.

These days we often find that we are not alone at our photographic destinations. Damage to some of our favorite locations increases the frustrations. The hobby and profession of photography have seen that an increase in visitation to popular photography destinations has caused unintended negative impacts. These factors, along with a general concern for nature, led to the inspiration for Nature First, The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography. This alliance is an opportunity to bring awareness to the challenges that are occurring within the photography world. Founded by photographers for photographers, Nature First has come up with seven simple principles to ...

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Jennifer Renwick

Jennifer Renwick is a full time nature photographer from Colorado and co-owner of the Nature Photographer's Network. She travels throughout the American west exploring, photographing and teaching photography workshops.

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