Jeff Carter • Cherry Blossom Adventures

Hanami is the traditional Japanese pastime of watching the cherry blossoms bloom. Jeff Carter tells us about how he captured this beauty on a business trip to the country

The reality is that my day job pays the bills and jumping over to a career as a landscape photographer would require a serious change in lifestyle. My wife and kids would not be happy with me if I made that jump. Maybe you are in the same situation as I; you have a daily grind that enables your hobby as a landscape photographer. Well, I went to Japan for business in April and of course I was thinking about the blossoming sakura (cherry blossom tree).

I lived in Japan in the 80s and have maintained my Japanese speaking ability, and I get to go to Japan quite often for work, all of which enables me to understand the culture, which I really enjoy.

Japan is a special place during cherry blossom season. The Japanese celebrate the springtime with hanami (looking at flowers). They will take the opportunity to find a park, spread out a blanket or tarp, have a picnic underneath a cherry tree and enjoy the opening and closing of the season.

On this photography adventure, I hoped to add to my Japan gallery and revisit a couple of iconic locations like Chureito and Nachi to see if I could improve on my previous pictures there. I planned to be in Japan when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. This was a tough task because ...

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