Iguazu Falls, Argentina by Erika Valkovicova

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Picture Story

The majestic Iguazú falls shared by Brazil and Argentina make up the largest waterfall system in the world. The word Iguazu means “big water” in Tupi-Guarani etymology. I visited the falls early January 2019, which is usually a rainy and humid month, but the falls are at their peak. It is also the holiday season, and therefore the park gets very busy. I was trying to get to the beautiful falls called Salto Bossetti and Adan y Eva two days in a row with no success. The platform was full of selfie-lovers!

There are strict visiting hours in the park and staying at the hotel inside the park does not guarantee early access for the golden hour as a guard is protecting the entrance. I got up early, packed my gear and was sipping my coffee on the balcony watching the sunrise and the few hotel guests who were trying to get to the trail, but were sent back by the security guard. Sometimes around 7 am I noticed a young couple walking past the guard towards the trail. In a split second, I found myself dashing out of the hotel through the path past the guard's chair, and I swear I could hear my heart beating! Perhaps he had a coffee break or just decided to let us in shortly before the official park hours. Only one part of the trail was open - the short path leading to Bossetti Falls! The couple was already returning for breakfast.

After greeting a few yawning Coatis I found myself at the falls, and I could not believe my eyes! My Falls! I took a few shots, got incredibly wet and after a moment, my camera stopped working - which was a sign to pack up my gear and start enjoying this incredible moment! Witnessing these thundering falls and being immersed in their extraordinary natural beauty outside of the busy visiting hours left me speechless. It felt like stepping into my own Jurrasic Park!

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