Hunting Island State Park, S Carolina, USA by David Macias

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Picture Story

In 2016 Hurricane Mathew decimated Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina leaving the north beach littered with 100's of trees the hurricane lifted from their roots; the name of this area became known as "The Boneyard". It's a photographer's heaven because the possibilities are endless.

North from the lighthouse, a solitary tree remains standing that is battered by the surf every time the tides rolls in. I had visited this location several times for the right light and on this day everything came together. The camera angle was almost to the ground so I had to take great care the camera would not get wet as it was inches from the surf. In order to capture the surf, I wanted a slow shutter to give it the milky look and retain the color in the sky, so the exposure was 250 seconds. The conditions were a bit tricky because every time the surf rolled in sand would erode causing the tripod to move. I managed this by spreading the tripod with its full legs extended like a spider and buried it in the sand, this allowed me to create this 250 second exposure without any movement.

Sadly, a ranger informed me that in November of this year they would undergo a major erosion project which would include removing the dead trees.

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