Hunstanton, England by Betsy Botsford

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I went to England for a month this summer with no plans but to photograph to my heart's content everywhere and anywhere that struck my fancy. I was lucky that a friend who I had met through Instagram lived close to the east coast of England and was up for some seascape photography. We met up for a mandatory and satisfying meal of fish and chips, and headed up the coast to the beach at Hunstanton where these amazing rocks were present. As the tide came in, lines were created amongst the rocks. I had a great time scrambling over the rocks looking for leading lines and new shapes as the water submerged the area. We were lucky the sun was muted by the heavy overcast sky that which left us with this beautiful, soft, muted, blue hour sky.

I spent about 2 hours hopping on rocks, slowly moving back as the tide came in. I won't say I was always aware and several times found myself trapped having to make the decision to try to hop to the next rock and stay dry or immerse myself in the ocean that had filled up around me. At one point I was definitely trapped. I decided to jump, which in retrospect was not the best decision, but luckily for me both myself and my camera stayed dry. I shot this with my Nikon D3400 and my widest lens, my Tokina 11-16m f2.8. I was regularly challenged to compose fast while the tide quickly changed the scene in front of me. This was a new challenge for me and I was proud of the finished product.

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