Honolulu, Hawaii, USA by Laurie Search

My husband, Steve, and I went to Oahu, Hawaii for our 16th wedding anniversary last year. We love the islands, and hadn't been to Oahu in years. The day after we got there, we got a call saying that his mom, who had been having health problems, had had to go into the hospital the night before....which was the very night we got there. Since she had done a lot of going into and out of the hospital with her lung problems, we were concerned but not overly concerned yet. In the next couple of days she didn't seem to be doing too badly. We were able to spend a few days in Hawaii where we did have some fun, but we were also always really worried about her, so it was difficult. Then things started going downhill for her and we knew we had to cut things short and get back home as soon as possible. We got home and were able to go and spend time with her in the hospital. She passed away five days after we got back home. May she rest in peace. I took this image the last night we were on Oahu, and my actual title for it is, "If We Have to Say Goodbye".

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