Hintertux, Alps, Austria by Yuliyan Ivanov

The picture has been taken during my ski vacation at Hintertux Gletscher, Austria. This is not just one of the best places you can skiing whole year but also the place where you can see a legends such as Marcel Hirscher. It is not a coincidence why the Austria racing team is practicing here. The highest point the glacier reaches a height of 3.250 m.

The day the picture has been taken was the first day after 3-day storm. I was hurrying to be among the first peoples on the lift so I took the lift to the highest point where I get rid of my ski and start climbing to the saddle between the two of the nearby peaks. I suppose the view would be great because the views are always great after cold front is moving, but what I saw exceeded my expectations. p.s. The only thing I regret is that I did not take the bigger camera with me. The camera I'm usually carrying on a ski is a pocket camera, because of the size and weight.

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