Hermitage Dunkfield, Scotland by John Cuthbert

Imagine just siting at the waters edge watching the flow of time and water on a beautiful warm day in a truly beautiful location like so many in Scotland, this is pure paradise for me. It installs the feeling off peace, tranquillity and a firm connection to nature and the surrounding landscape. The variable pallet of greens, yellows and browns firmly rooted all around me, with the light leading a merry dance on both foliage and water alike and this as the clouds slowly drift by with not a care in the world. For this image it was all about conveying those feelings of beauty of freshness of summer and of peace and tranquillity and to assist me achieving this I employed my trusty Sony R II with a Zeiss lens, resting on a Manfrotto tripod with a Nisi filter system and three Nisi filters in place. A 6 stop ND, a CPL and finally a graduated ND to apply a little balance to the overall scene. Would I recommend a trip to the Hermitage.... A MASSIVE YES, go free your mind, go visit, go tomorrow and soak up the beauty first hand.

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