Heceta Head Beach, Oregon, USA by Allan Gentile

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I was participating in a workshop held at the Oregon Coast. On this particular shooting session we visited the Heceta Head Beach just before sunset. It was the first time I had seen seastacks in person (I live in Florida). The sun was starting to set, and the light had just turned a beautiful gold. Although I took several shots with different compositions, for this shot I captured the stacks in silhouette in order to emphasize their shapes and the beautiful sunset. I set my tripod about waist-high in order to capture the reflection on the shore. As the time progressed, the light changed from golden-yellow to a deeper reddish-orange. It was difficult to choose my favorite shot in the series.

The workshop was in early fall, but I'm sure these sunsets occur throughout the year (weather cooperating). The rugged coast has several spectacular locations, and since the entire shore of Oregon faces west, there are innumerable opportunities for gorgeous sunset shots.

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