Haukland Beach, Lofoten, Norway by Thomas Zilch

My passion is landscape photography. Several photo trips per year lead me to Northern Europe in lonely landscapes, where nature still rules.

This picture was taken on a relatively warm evening in April this year. We sat on the rocks at Haukland Beach and watched the sun slowly set. The rocks were even a little warm, so that one could sit on them.

The sea was calm and only on the horizon there were some clouds in the sky.

Above all there was a wonderful pink-orange arctic light that gradually turned into a bright blue.

I was taken with the silence that this scenery was emanating. At first I just enjoyed sitting there and letting nature work its magic on me.

How could I capture this peace in the picture?

Finally, I decided to include a lot of negative space in the picture. The effect of the picture was to be created above all by a few elements and by the arctic colours. The slightly washed over rocks on the right in the foreground create the balance to the mountain on the left in the background.

I chose the long exposure to further smooth the sea so that only the mountain remains as a sharply defined object.

Every time I look at the picture, I feel reminded of the wonderful evening at Haukland Beach in Lofoten.

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