Halifax Harbour, Dartmount, Nova Scotia, Canada by Denise Kitagawa

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The evening of the first day of my first visit to Halifax, I hopped aboard the Woodside Ferry and crossed to the Dartmouth side of Halifax Harbour with high hopes for some great photos of the Halifax skyline at sunset. My first challenge was to find a good location. Walking north along The Great Trail, I ended up at a viewpoint at the end of Boundary Street. From there, I spotted a guy walking his dog in an open area adjacent to a large, red brick building and that grassy field looked ideal. I figured right... by the time I followed the narrow band of land between the railway tracks and the fence around the building, into the open field, a local photographer had arrived and set up his camera and tripod with the same photographic objective in mind. The weather didn't cooperate. Heavy cloud obscured most of the sky during sunset. Then it started to rain.

The local photographer packed up and left, but thanks to the weather-sealing in my Olympus gear, I hung around for a while longer. The "live composite" functionality in my Olympus camera did a great job of enhancing the limited sunset colour that briefly showed. The main reason? It smooths out the water to enhance the light reflection. In the end, I came away with just two decent sunset photos. And this is the only blue hour image I took before the steadily increasing rain prompted me to head for the Alderney Ferry terminal, back to Halifax.

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