Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Austraila by Bart Pierce

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My wife and I took a trip to Australia and New Zealand for our 40th wedding anniversary. We spent three weeks there during their summer (January-February) visiting Melbourne, Sydney, Alice Springs and Sydney. A fantastic country with amazing vistas. This picture was taken during a bus trip from Melbourne to the Tazman Sea along the Great Ocean Road. We visited many small communities along the way enjoying the rural atmosphere. This is a picture looking out towards the Tazman Sea just prior to arriving at the Twelve Apostles. In folk lore it is called "Shipwreck Bay" and tells the story of a man and woman that survived a shipwreck in this cove. Once on the beach the man had to climb these limestone cliffs to seek help. He was successful and they were rescued. As I approach retirement, I decided that photography might be a good hobby. I purchased a new Sony A6300 mirrorless for the trip along with two lenses (18-130mm and 18-35mm). I took many pictures on vacation and am enjoying this new hobby.

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