Grand Canyon North Rim, USA by Robert Liskay

This image was taken near the parking lot for the Cape Royale overlook on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The elevation makes this location comfortable even in summer. (This image was taken in early June.) We had left early before dawn from the North Rim Lodge for our first visit to Cape Royale with the intent to shoot iconic images from the overlook. We arrived essentially in the dark and facing a cold and quite windy situation. We sat in the car for while considering our options. At first light, I noticed from our vehicle this leafless small tree along the path leading to the overlook. I was fascinated by its symmetry and simplicity and the background. I finally removed myself from our vehicle and set up my tripod. Holding the tripod securely with one hand I quickly snapped a couple shots. The tree was vibrating in the wind and I probably should have upped the ISO to obtain more shutter speed. Upon close inspection, the tree appears a bit blurry, which I like to attribute not to poor focusing but rather the howling wind.

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