Grammos Mountain, Greece by Theodora Artemiadi

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Picture Story

This picture was taken late October in Grammos mountain in North West Greece.
After 30 min driving in a dirt road, we reached an area with a beautiful lake and a forest.

It was not the first time I went there but that day the atmosphere was magical, exactly what I looking for to photograph. My first thought was to go to the lake , but the mist was so thick that I could barely see the lake even standing five meters away. Apart of the mist the day was warm and bright, fact that encourage a big group of 4x4 drivers to also visit the mountain. I really needed to enjoy this place, embrace the Autumn colors and its beauty , but I couldn’t do that surrounded by all these people and their huge 4x4 cars .So I decided to take a walk deep in the forest.

The atmosphere there was very beautiful and calm and I am still surprised that I wasn’t lost there as I really didn’t pay any attention to the path.

The dense fog built a wall between me and the crowd and the autumn colors made everything seemed magical . I don’t know how many hours I spent there or how many pictures I took but I just couldn’t leave. I chose this picture that I named “Touch the silence”, as I felt that this is the picture that best represents the beauty and the serenity that I saw and felt that day.

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