Goorambat, Victoria, Australia by Rene Martens

Well with the onset of Autumn/Winter here in Australia, there has been some fog and frost around and I was able to see this tree on the side of the road. I usually go down a different road to work but with the fog about, decided to go a different way. Yes, it takes longer to go this way but I do leave a lot earlier than I need to start work so I have quite a bit of spare time to stop and take photos if I need to. The morning of this photo was just something to see and this was just prior to the sun rising so the yellow was quite pronounced - also was terribly cold - minus 3 deg C so I really felt the cold on my hands. I just had to grab a photo and this meant that I couldn't set up the shot with a tripod (difficult on the side of a major road with cars travelling back and forth) so quickly checked histogram on each shot just so that I was able to see an image and not have it under or over exposed. For all my Landscape images (including this one) I take Bracketed photos but when I tried to combine them, there was way too much ghosting so I just had to grab one of the bracketed photos and hope that it was reasonable. With a little work (anything over 5 mins and I just discard it) I was able to produce this.

Most places along this road do have some places where I can grab a reasonable photo but with the fog you really have to look and be able to stop so that you can grab a photo. I did find some other areas along the road but this was the best that I could grab on the morning.

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