Golden Tree, Gosausee, Austria by Hajnalka Berenyi-Kiss

This shot was taken on one of the last days of Austrian autumn, after a day of pouring rain and low hanging clouds. Neither the light, nor the weather forecast were promising, but we decided to head out for the hike we had planned, despite the rain. After an seep uphill walk, we've arrived to the edge of the lake, the mountains behind it still veiled by thick mist. While we took a short break before reaching the mountain hut, the fog slowly lifted, revealing a sight I had not expected.

This lone tree, with raindrops shimmering on it's golden leaves like pearls, hanging from a the rough edge of the hiking train, looked almost unreal against the grey of the barren rock of the surrounding mountains. Ecstatic, I took the shot hand-held. Moment's later the view was gone. I felt like truly capturing autumn magic.

Having seen this location in summer and autumn, the latter yielded much better results. Within a brief day, I came away with three images that I love and find to be some of my finest photographs.

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