Golden Sahara, Morocco by Sebastian Hoefer

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Last year I finally fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine and went on my first trip to Africa. More specifically, I got to spend three weeks in Morocco and another three weeks in Namibia. One of the things that has always fascinated me about Africa is the Sahara Desert.

Coming from Germany it is hard to imagine being surrounded by nothing else but sand as far as the eye can see and so I set out on the journey to experience it for myself. I have seen many photos over the years but seeing the Sahara with your own eyes is simply unbelievable. It is almost absurd that there is nothing but sand and yet you stand in awe when you see it. The plan was to head out during the early afternoon and experience the golden hour as well as the sunset on top of one of the large dunes. The climb up was very tedious but the reward was a staggering 360 degree view of the Sahara Desert. The contrast between the clear blue sky and the towering golden sand dunes with their casting shadows is something I had to capture.

The images there are very much minimalistic but still feel incredibly powerful. I have been told many times but wasn’t sure to believe it, Africa just pulls you in. There is this almost burning urge to come back and explore more and I am sure it won’t be long before I will return to this magnificent continent.

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