Glacier National Park, Montana, USA by Thomas Pohlig

I always thought that one had to leave the country to make great photographs, but recently my Wife and I made our first trip to Glacier National Park in Montana which changed my previous thoughts completely. Glacier was the most beautiful place I had ever visited. The grand vistas were humbling to say the least. I live by the flat seashore, so being surrounded by Mountains was a completely different landscape for me.

This image was created on the shoreline of Lake McDonald. My main goal was to get a few images of the Milky Way. While waiting for the stars to come out I was drawn to the Silhouette shapes that the Mountains were creating. In addition, there were cars traveling by, so I cranked up the exposure to time 332 seconds to try and get a light beam affect under the wedge shape of the background Mountain. After many attempts I finally achieved to right amount of exposure time for the look I was going for.

Hey Thomas
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