Fujifilm Assignment • Selective Focus Winner: Gabor Takacs

Hosszuheteny, Hungary • Canon 6D, Sigma 150mm f/2.8 Macro, f/3.2, 1/800sec, ISO 400

Picture by Gabor Takacs from Hungary

Since my youth, my hobby is nature photography. I am a member of the Association of Hungarian Photographers and a member of the world-renowned NaturArt organisation

I live in a small village called Hosszuheteny in the eastern part of the Mecsek Mountains. This small village has become famous as a habitat for the plant of Paeonia banatica. This plant lives only in the Carpathian Basin.

I wanted to introduce a lot of flowers instead of a single one. However, the trees in the forest and the undergrowth created a blend of flowers between the flowers. That's why I used multi-exposure: I made 8 frames with a small depth of field.

Feedback by Pro Dan Bailey

I am not a huge fan of soft focus effect but that is simply my own visual opinion, so it is hardly a relevant way to judge a photo. When I look past that, I am immediately drawn into the brilliant compositional curve that you have created with the line of flowers that go front to back. Starting right off, that gives the image a wonderful sense of movement and provides a nice pathway to help guide the eyes deep into the photo. I love how it starts with a series of well defined flowers but then gives way to a seemingly jumbled collection of colored splotches in the background.
As I look further, I notice that some of the most distant flowers actually regain their sharpness, which suddenly provides an incredible level of depth to the picture. That last sharp flower at the top right does a great job anchoring down that part of the image and it pulls my eye back and forth across the entire frame.
I love the overall color scheme as it works so well, given that green and magenta are opposites (complimentary) colors on the color wheel. You have just a few vertical trees to add slight variation to both the colors and lines of the image. You have certainly created a work of art here. Really nice job!

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