Fujifilm Assignment • Intentional Camera Movement Winner: Jorja Feldman

Chincoteague, Virginia, USA • Canon 5D, Canon 70-200mm f/28L IS, f/11, 0.6sec, ISO 800

Picture by Jorja Feldman from USA

I view photography as a means of capturing the natural beauty that surrounds us. Always searching for that perfect moment when the golden sunlight draws me to the desired subject, whether it be in some exotic location or at home. I enjoy both creating images in camera and when appropriate enhancing them with Photoshop and printing for exhibit and sales.
Jorja Feldman

The Chincoteague ponies have always intrigued me. This picture was taken on the Virginia side of the refuge where the local fire department maintains the herd. Each year they swim the horses into town where they receive veterinary care. The herd is thinned out by auctioning a few of the ponies each year. They are then returned to their grazing grounds until the next year or until further care is needed. By blurring the environment I hoped to convey the ethereal quality of their lifestyle.

Feedback by Pro Jack Graham

Though an abstract, impressionistic, this image easily tells a story. It conveys a very peaceful, quiet scene. Usually it is the small things that make an image a great one, not just a ‘really good one'. Obviously, the horse is placed away from the center with space on the right, perfect. What really makes this work for me is the fact that the horse is not standing up, looking ahead. Instead, it is eating grass, like horses do.
A few things, perhaps not obvious, make this a great image. First, it tells a story, one that is immediately discernible. Two, the color really works together. There is a slight browning tint to the grasses, especially right of center. This blends the horse with the grasses well.
Why is this image balanced perfectly? Look at the space between the trees on the left and the space between the trees on the right. The spacing makes this effectively balanced. Additionally, there are few merges with the trees, providing the spacing I look for when dealing with trees.

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