Fujifilm Assignment • Fine Art With Black & White Winner: Monica Siri

Les Planches-pres-Arbois, France • Canon 5D II, Canon 16-35mm f/4L IS, f/10, 30sec, ISO 100

Picture by Monica Siri from Italy

I am an Italian photographer located in Genova. I am attracted by nature's various facets, from the macro world to landscapes and from flowers to animals. Through my images I try to transmit the sensation I get when I am out in nature.

I captured this picture while I was visiting the magnificent Jura region in France. Water has shaped this region which is very rich in lakes, rivers and waterfalls. In this remote landscape where water infiltrates a plateau, digs a cave and resurfaces cascading, the cascade of Tufs offers a breathtaking spectacle.

I found this place really inspiring to try different compositions and exposures, perfect for my natural vision of waterfall.

Feedback by Pro Jack Graham

This is a wonderful image. It is particularly well-balanced and well-defined. My eye is drawn easily to the waterfall in the rear of the image. It is somewhat low-keyed, most likely on purpose. The shadows are obscured but not necessary. We know it’s rock and making them darker than normal really allows the water trails to be well-defined. Some may look at the small stick emerging from the water, yet it does not distract at all as far as I am concerned. I too would leave it as part of the image

What I really love about this is the foreground and reflection of light on the rock facing. There is a strong angle, almost a triangle-effect from the front bottom right, to the rear upper left. We love angles and strong lines. This image really uses strong lines, combined with strong shadows and wonderful lines - everything needed to make an artistic and interesting image.

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