Fujifilm Assignment • Compelling Transitions Winner: Ruben Medrano

Marlboro Point, Utah, USA • Nikon D810, Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8, f/11, 1/25sec, ISO 64

Picture by Ruben Medrano from USA

I am a landscape photographer based in Michigan with a passion for landscape, seascape and travel photography. My passion for photography is more than just taking pictures. It is about evoking emotion, meeting new people and exploring new and interesting locations.

On the drive into Canyonlands NP in Utah there are several dirt roads that branch off to other areas of the desert. One in particular leads to this location, Marlboro Point. I parked along the main highway and began the several mile hike early enough to arrive just before sunrise. Luckily my headlamp and a nearly full moon were illuminating everything quite clearly.

Just as I was arriving the sky began to brighten from the rising sun. I knew I didn’t have much time until the canyon in front of me would see the first light of the day. I hurried to get my camera set up and composition settled. Seconds later the canyon walls were being illuminated by the morning sun, glowing so powerfully as though they were being lit from within.

Feedback by Pro Bryan Minear

Utah is an unbelievable state, with an unlimited amount of beauty to offer. And yet, somehow, this capture really puts the entirety of it on display.
If there is one thing that I am constantly striving for in my own work, it is a realistic interpretation of contrast that transports me directly into the moment. I can feel the immediacy of the story here, knowing that the first light of the day doesn’t last nearly long enough to be able to prepare to capture it in such a masterful way. And my emotional response to the choice of foreground and composition is widely apparent.
The contrasting tones of the foreground swiftly moving into the warmth of the layers in the mid-ground, to the combined orange and blue palette in the sky, guide me through the image in a visually and aesthetically appealing way.
The edit is sharpened to perfection and the tonality of the lights and the darks is controlled to really showcase the textures and detail of the entire scene.

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